As a Content Service Provider we bring the world of the internet shopping to your home. Join us and make a difference, either by using the program or by joining us and working with us. If you have never thought about it, then using a free site can save you both time and money.


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If you are looking for a way of making the internet pay.....then this is it!  Clubwww1 has achieved its goal of attracting companies from all over the world  to one web program and then to share its income with those that work within the program.

In   teaming up with so many of the world's best brands, we achieve world acceptance, some  for  bringing  quality  at  an  affordable  price,  others for  bringing   quality   at   a   price  that  can  be  considered  expensive but known and accepted for its value.


In searching the web you are able to source in one single place  the  best  of  everything  with  one  agenda in mind,  variety.   Clubwww1  is  open   to   everyone.   As a Basic Affiliate  you  may  use  the program to introduce as many people, individuals or companies as you like by registering at  the  registration   point.   However if you wish to earn commissions   then   you   must   become a  Commission Affiliate.    By registering as a Commission Affiliate, you will earn up to  a maximum  of  30%   commission   income, based  on  whatever  Clubwww1 receives from its partner companies and affiliations.


This opportunity is designed to help people  introduce those they know personally and not through networks.  It gives everyone with internet access   an   opportunity   to  a brighter future that is solely    generated   by   their   personal  effort, within time constraints of  family and work.



Clubwww1 is a Division of Service on Sight Research & Consultancy Inc.
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